Sky Line Session: Salt Lake City

Before I ever met Brent I had some mad bike envy going on for his BMW R100. If you haven't already seen the hundreds of photos of his bike floating around on social media, you are missing out but in luck because I got to snag a few toasty ones for your view pleasure.

The Open Road and a Cool Breeze

Something about these photos made me want to just pack up the few things I have, load them on my bike and take off in any direction. I think most people who own a bike and have experienced riding out through the country can relate. 

Portrait Sessions: WANDRD Kickstarter

The homies over at WANDRD have been working super hard the last week to get their Kickstarter video done before the campaign goes live. We had a good time helping out and got to explore some insane buildings that I didn't even know exist here in Salt Lake. I also got to snap some portraits of the prettiest lady in all the town. Make sure to check out the WANDRD Kickstarter for their PRVKE bag. 

If you are interested in reading some thoughts I have on the WANDRD PRVKE bag, you can check out a review I did for Ninety Nine Co. here.